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To introduce myself, I am Olly Hanley, and I am currently on work experience with the North East Lincolnshire Council but more specifically Create North East Lincolnshire. I love indie music like the sound of early Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and Oasis, I also play guitar for the band the Shortround. I have been tasked with researching and producing an article on the county’s local music scene and I have also had a look at local venues as well.

From what I have gathered, in our local area the music scene is mostly made up of young indie bands. Some of these include Revivalry, Joyride and The Spokes. Theses are all very promising bands have seem to have a good future ahead of them. We also have quite a prominent punk scene too with The Last Of The Wonder Kids and Ever who are two bands with a great following.

Earlier this week we put out a post asking if any local bands wanted to be included and that post got a lot of attention and fortunately caught the eye of artists like Healer, Brad Arliss, Owen Kimble and his band Elson.

It was very interesting to see all the bands in our local area and it was even nice to discover new music too that has been produced locally. I also did a bit of research on local music venues, and I found out that most places a band can play at around North East Lincolnshire are multifunctional venues also serving as a record store or a pub. I think maybe there could be even more venues around the area which produces more opportunities for local bands to use. I think the best venue in our local area for helping young and local groups is Docks Academy. Today I was lucky enough to visit and talk to Kate-Lou who is a part of the amazing team over there. The main point I got from my visit today were that there are a lot of different roles and steps required to make a gig happen. I also found out about the future of Docks fest and where they plan to go with that in the coming years.

In conclusion I think that the local music scene is amazing, and a lot of the bands really have potential to be great and I think that maybe some funding could be done to make some more venues like Docks Academy to not only have some great entertainment on but to help in supporting local bands while they are small.

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