Harriet the Haddock mural by Creative Start as part of Paint the Town Proud.  Photo credit: Chris Frear.

Welcome to Create North East Lincolnshire

Find out about the people behind Create North East Lincolnshire & discover our strategy in providing a richer and vibrant North East Lincolnshire.

two people standing under Turntable gallery sign, one wearing sunglasses and the other wearing a blue shirt

Unleash your creative potential and take your career to new heights with our comprehensive resource for artistic funding and growth.

Urban astronaut in a high street

Our Resource Hub is here to help you develop your creative or heritage practice. Find useful information and links to signpost you to relevant sources in the cultural and heritage sector.

Two performers rehearsing a play

Create North East Lincolnshire will bring you the latest sector news and events happening in North East Lincolnshire, which link creativity and heritage for economic, social and environmental benefit.

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Your ultimate hub for discovering local talent and creative resources! Our platform is designed to connect you with a diverse range of artists, musicians, web developers, and other creatives.

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We want to shout about the amazing projects and creatives in the area! Your work needs a voice and we are here to provide it so find out more about the work created by the talented people in the area.

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