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  • Three different application forms dependent on what you are applying for, with questions only to be relevant to the amount.  Those amounts are: £30,000 or under, £30,001 to £100,000 and £100,001+
  • More space to describe your project in your own words, to show what it means to you and those experiencing it.
  • Less reading for projects £30,000 or less.  There will no longer be a need to read Arts Council England’s ‘Let’s Create’ Strategy and no need to explain how the project contributes to the outcomes of the strategy.  Alternative questions will be provided that use clearer language.
  • New bite-sized online resources will be provided for those new to applying for Arts Council funding.
  • Website changes that will make finding relevant information and guidance more straightforward.
  • From 1st December 2023, Projects over £100,001 were previously known as ‘Nationally Significant Project’ will now be known as ‘Major Projects’.  Such projects need to be innovative, collaborative and international.
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